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Council Meetings:

The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council holds four meetings a year -- one in each state in the management region. We encourage all fishermen and those interested in effectively managed fisheries to attend Council meetings in your area to learn, stay informed, and share your thoughts on fisheries management. 

  • March - Georgia
  • June - Florida
  • September - South Carolina
  • December - North Carolina

Summer 2014 Council Newsletter:

The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council publishes a quarterly newsletter.  This is a great way to keep up-to-date on Council activities. To view the Summer 2014 and other editions, click here.

Born to Fish

Chris Brown

President, Rhode Island Commercial Fishermen’s Association
Fishery: Rhode Island Fluke

“Since catch shares programs have been introduced in our area I’ve seen no downside. I’ve watched the value of the fish we’re bringing in increase by 20-25%. I see fishermen burning less fuel, having more days off, and I see an overall improvement in the quality of life for us all.”

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