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Black Sea Bass season won’t be split; new bag and trip limits for many fish

June 17, 2011

Regulatory Amendment 9 to the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council's snapper grouper fishery management plan was recently published. It has the following impacts:

  • Reduce the recreational bag limit for black sea bass from 15 fish per person to 5 fish per person;
  • Establish a commercial trip limit of 1,000 lbs gw for gag;
  • Establish a commercial trip limit of 1,500 lbs gw for vermilion snapper; and


  • Increase the commercial trip limit for greater amberjack from 1,000 lbs gw to 1,200 lbs gw.

Additionally, the proposed rule also contained an action to split the commercial quota for black sea bass into two six-month seasons, one starting in June and the other in December. The goal was to extend the fishing seasons across more of the year. However, NOAA has determined that the season starting in December would create too much risk of entanglement with endangered northern right whales during their migration route and, therefore, they could not split the season quota.

Read the full fishery bulletin.

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