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Budget compromise will deal major blow to local fishermen

Posted By: Matthew Ruby | April 12, 2011

The following statement can be attributed to Matt Ruby, SAFA President, (843) 902-4734.

The recent federal budget compromise included an amendment by Walter Jones that will put a stop to important programs for Southeast fishermen. Commercial fishing is an important part of the economy, and local fishing supports jobs and the seafood industry. 

Current management isn't working and with the commercial fishing industry facing so many challenges, we need all options to be available.

Unfortunately, the Jones Amendment takes away fishermen's opportunity to access one important option, catch shares (LAPPs, IFQs, Community Quotas, etc. Learn more). Taking away fishermen's access to catch shares is not going to end the loss of fishing jobsor put an end to fisheries closures or consolidation. 

This Amendment is going to lengthen the struggle for our fisheries, which we cannot afford. Fishermen already feel like they don't have a voice in the process and this is just one more step that will distance fishermen from fisheries management.

We think catch shares should be an option for commercial snapper grouper fishermen. Catch shares could stabilize our businesses and help to ensure a sustainable fishery for future generations of fishermen. 

The South Atlantic Fishermen's Association thinks all options, including catch shares, should be on the table. We're not alone. Read this letter from fishermen associations from across the country who stand strong with us. 

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