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Editorial: Catch Shares Worth Discussing

March 12, 2011

The Myrtle Beach Sun News recently wrote an editorial on fisheries issues, with a focus on catch shares. See a few excerpts below or read the full piece here.

"If we don't have catch shares within the next five years, everybody will be out of business." - Chris Conklin, Murrells Inlet fisherman

"In protecting both our fish stocks and our fishing industry, catch shares seem a viable option, but only if the industry itself gets behind the idea. As a management tool it is unique in that it asks fishermen for input on its design and to vote on its final implementation. In that regard, it offers a clear avenue for those with legitimate concerns to help craft a plan that addresses their worries. The other option seems to be more arbitrary limits on seasons, on trips and on catch totals, handed down with less input from those most affected."

"Change is coming to our local fishing industry. The question before fishermen is whether they would like to be a participant in that change or an unwilling spectator. "

Read the full editorial at:

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