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Fisheries science gets boost from federal funding

April 21, 2011

We've heard a lot of complaints lately that federal funding for fisheries science and research is being "taken away" and instead invested in catch shares. So, we took a look a closer look at NOAA's funding.

We found that a lot more money is being invested in science than in the past, typically growing by about 13% every year. And, overall, NOAA is looking for more than $426 million in FY12 to meet the reauthorized MSA requirements.  This is up from $264 million in FY08. 

This is the 5 year picture – from funding levels in 2008 to what is being requested for the proposed 2012 federal budget

  • The2012 stock assessments request is $67.1 million, up 112% from $31.6 million in 2008.

  • The 2012 cooperative research request is $13.2 million, up 31% from $10.07 million in 2008.

  • The 2012 fisheries statistics request is $24.2 million, up 88% from $12.9 million in 2008.

We will always need more money to get better data – especially in the South Atlantic – but the feds are clearly taking steps toward improving their investments in science and research. 

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