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Fisherman: The Government's Killing Business

July 6, 2011

Fox Business recently visited North Carolina fishermen and seafood business owners to get a feel for how our region is faring under current federal management systems. Not surprisingly, here's the headline they came away with and shared with their national audience: "Big government regulations are killing our businesses."

The story features Fox interviewing a Beaufort businessman who says that, like many, fishermen are suffering in these tough economic times – but the high price of fuel is not what's causing the most pain. It's the overextended, flawed government regulations that are shortening our fishing seasons, creating inefficiencies across the board and slowly but steadily depleting our industry of its people, its resources and its fair share of fresh seafood.

Of course, this is no news to us. That's why SAFA supports fair management solutions – like catch shares – that will rebuild our fisheries and get our boats back on the water, year round. Catch shares will give our fisheries back to our local fishing communities, rather than trusting them to out-of-touch DC lawmakers. Stay tuned for updates as we continue this discussion, and move towards positive change, on a national platform.

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