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New Control Date for the Wreckfish Sector in the South Atlantic

August 3, 2011

The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council has established a control date of March 11, 2011 for the wreckfish sector of the snapper-grouper fishery in the South Atlantic. 

The control date is a heads up to future participants and permit holders that any landings made after this date may not count toward future participation in the fishery.  However, people should be aware that the control date can be used by the Council or NOAA Fisheries Service in developing criteria for future access to the wreckfish fishery. 

In the future, the Council may choose to use a different control date or give consideration to fishermen who are active in the sector before or after the control date. Also, the control date does not determine a particular management regime that the Council or NOAA will choose to pursue. 

Check out this bulletin for more information.

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