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SAFA Statement on the President’s Fiscal Year 2013 Budget

February 14, 2012

As fishermen and small business owners, SAFA members struggle to stay in business as a result of shortening fishing seasons or fishing closures.  We believe catch shares can give us the flexibility to protect our livelihoods and provide fish to thousands of customers.  We are pleased to see the Administration, in its Fiscal Year 2013 budget proposal, is again proposing funding for the National Catch Share Program, recognizing the value such programs can provide to our federal fisheries.

The House Appropriations Committee proposed funding a National Catch Share Program last year, which was adopted and enacted in a final Fiscal Year 2012 House-Senate appropriations conference report.  Congress got it right by supporting funding for catch share programs – and by rejecting attempts to restrict their use in certain regions.  And we hope that Congress will again have the wisdom to support catch share programs.  Our fisheries in the South Atlantic, and in other regions, need to be better managed.  With the right tools like catch shares, and adequate funding, local decision-makers in those regions can improve the management and conservation of this valuable natural resource.

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