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Southeast fishermen, seafood industry deserve new management

Posted By: Matthew Ruby | February 16, 2011

Fishermen's association meets with elected officials in D.C. to discuss solutions. "Southeast fishing businesses are facing difficult times. Too many regulations are pushing fishermen and fish houses out of business and creating dangerous fishing conditions for those that are left.

"We want new management that gives fishermen flexibility and more time on the water. With this freedom, fishermen could safely provide local, sustainable seafood year-round and run profitable businesses they're proud to hand down to their kids.

"We must protect the Southeast commercial fishing industry. It generates more than $7 billion in sales and supports 137,000 jobs. We believe that catch shares are an important option to consider for the snapper grouper commercial fishery that could grow revenue and secure good jobs.

"After using catch shares, fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico immediately gained year-round fishing and ended dangerous fishing races. The flexibility helped them cut operating costs and allowed them to fish when prices were high, all improving profitability. After just three years, the amount of fish they could catch grew by 40 percent. Southeast fishermen deserve fishery management that produces these kinds of benefits.

"The future of our region's fishing industry is at stake. We need strong fishing businesses that new fishermen want to take over. Catch shares are a management tool that could make this a reality.

"The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council shouldn't take any fishery management tool off the table until it has been fully analyzed."

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