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Fishery Economics:

In April 2011, CapLog ( completed an overview of commercial fishing in the South Atlantic snapper grouper fishery. In this report, CapLog looks at both the current state and trends in the fishery; such as who’s catching what type of fish where and how landings have changed over the years. The report uses data summaries generated by NMFS and Council staff to describe the participants and economics of the snapper grouper fishery.

Read a summary or the full report

On-board Observers:

Gulf and South Atlantic Fisheries Foundation cooperative research on discards in the South Atlantic snapper grouper fishery (2010)



NortheastFisheries Science CenterCooperative Shark Tagging Program


Video monitoring:

AlaskaFisheries Science CenterWorkshop Proceedings (2008)


Cape Cod Hook Fishermen’s Association Electronic Monitoring of Haddock Fishery Pilot Project (2005) [on-board monitoring included too]


Electronic monitoring:

General paper on electronic monitoring from NMFS with a focus on Alaska (2011) issues/observer/EM211.pdf


Northeast region study fleet electronic monitoring pilot program report (2007)


Electronic reporting:

Northeast Fisheries Science Center Study Fleet website


Seafood Industry Economics:

The Flow of South Carolina Harvested Seafood Products through South Carolina Markets by Mark S. Henry, Raymond J. Rhodes, and Daniel Eades.


Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) Program:

VMS is used in many East and West coast fisheries.  Check out VMS here.


Sector Management:

The Northeast Multispecies Fishery is managed under sector management.  Learn more about sector management here and click on the sector tab. 


Trip Limits:

Trip limits have been proposed in the South Atlantic and across the United States as a commercial fishery management tool that places trip-based limits on fishing in order to lengthen fishing seasons, avoid complete fishing closures, reduce fishing pressure, and alleviate the hazardous effects of derby fishing. 

For the four commercial fisheries described below, trip limits mostly did not accomplish these management goals. In fact, other problems often arose such as increased discard rates and reduced fishermen revenue.

Click HERE to continue reading about trip limits.

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